Wondering if you should bring your new boo, partner, and/or sneaky link to Turkey Day with the fam? Use this fail-safe flowchart to help you decide!

Proceed with caution, and regardless of your Thanksgiving plans, I hope you get to spend the day with people you love — or at least people who won’t give you a hard time about the fact that you’re not married with kids by the age of 25.

Disclaimer: Humor Darling is not liable for any Knives Out-esque familial disasters that occur as a result of this advice. However, if such disasters do occur, please feel free to fill us in with the tea.

Texas! Big Sky! Big Hair! Thinly-veiled evangelist Christian theocracy AAHHHHHHGAGHHH — GET YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN, this is a travel blog, and you need that damn freelance writing check!

Anyway, howdy partners! Are you planning a trip to the Lone Star state? Check out these five BEAUTIFUL locations where the government…

Hello, my beautiful #girlboss angel babes!

It’s me, some white lady on Instagram with a mediocre wellness brand. I’m here to give you some HOT TIPS to help you decide which HOT TOPICS you should address on your Insta feed, and to be clear, by “HOT TOPICS” I mean ongoing domestic and international human rights crises.

HOT TIP #1: Make sure the life-or-death issue you’re addressing comes with a trendy, *aesthetically pleasing* graphic

Elyza Halpern

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